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Raise Your Spirits with Tequila Magic at the Coolest Bar in Taos

Enjoy the thrill of tequila paradise at The Alley Cantina, where the spirits are high and the shots are flowing! From smooth sipping añejos to bold and spicy reposados, our tequila lineup promises a taste experience like no other. Swing by during Happy Hour, where good times roll from 5-7pm every day, to try our tequila treasures and toast to new favorites in a great atmosphere perfect for creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.


Tequila Crisp

Cucumber Infused Espolon Blanco Tequila, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Soda Water and Fresh Lime


Vodka Crisp

Cucumber Infused Tito's Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Soda Water and Fresh Lime


Mesa Mule

Viracocha Vodka, Ginger Beer and Lime


Long John Dunn

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade


The Fresca

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka, Soda Water and Grapefruit Juice


The Prickly Pineapple

Absolute Vanilla Vodka, Parrot Bay Rum, Amaretto, Pineapple Juice and a Splash of Prickly Pear


Jolly Rancher

Layered Melon Liquor, Sour Apple Puckers, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and Cranberry Juice


The Alley Speakeasy

Taos Lightning Rye, Cognac, Local Absinthe, Splash of Bitters, Simple Syrup and a Lemon Peel


Sangria de Cristo

Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio Wine Mixed with Peach Schnapps, Brandy, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and a Splash of Sprite


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